Raising Finance

As we all know the cost of living crisis sparked by Covid-19 and war in Europe has had a huge effect in 2024.  But why should that affect your company?  Traditional banks and lenders have already given out lots of loans in the form of Bounce Back and CBILS but it is getting harder to get new loans now.. If they do decide to lend to you, then they almost always never provide the level of funding you asked for in the first place.

Weeks go by without any news and your business can suffer. Then, finally, a yes (conditional of course) or a no is given.


“If you looking to raise finance for your company, we strongly recommend that you give us a call. New and evolving financial products emerge weekly and we could never cover them all on our website. If you are interested in any business finance product but need to ask questions to determine whether it is right for your needs, again please do give one of our experts a call on 020 7760 7514.

We can quickly and confidentially take a few details about the funding needs of your company and then match them to the available products. We do not need to know the name of your company to give general advice, but it helps so we can see who has taken any security over the company.

Please note we cannot assist start ups but there are specialist funding providers like www.startuploans.co.uk who can.

From solving cashflow problems, to helping you grow more quickly we can find the right product for you and quickly. Usually, we are paid a commission for any products we source for your company, so there is nothing to pay for our expertise. On more complex or distressed debt situations we may need to charge a client fee to commence our search and the production of any data room.

We look forward to speaking to you soon! Don’t be shy give Company Funding Options a call on  020 7760 7514 now!