Growth Finance

So, your company is growing quickly and needs more funding or “working capital” as the techy accounting people call it. You need growth capital to run the company and you need good financial information to secure it.

How do you get the right type of working capital into your company, quickly efficiently and without a lot of time-wasting?

Solution number 1 – use the search function on this page.

Solution number  2 – call us and we will do it for you.

Growth funding is usually sourced from family and friends, the bank of mum and dad, shareholders, the bank, new peer to peer lenders or alternative funders,

  • It is usually in the form of a loan or overdraft
  • Often banks will not lend to young companies
  • It can be used for any purpose such as expansion, new premises or recruiting people
  • Paying VAT that has accrued before sufficient cash in the form of VAT Loans
  • Loan periods will vary from 6 months to 48 months
  • Your company may have to provide security
  • You may have to provide security in the form of a personal guarantee
  • Interest rates can vary from 6% to 25%
  • Our funders can move very quickly to provide facilities

So What Is Growth Finance?

Growth finance products include loans from online ‘peer to peer’ funders such as Funding Circle, Iwoca, RateSetter and many others. These companies have many millions of pounds of funding to lend and are keen to fund most types of businesses.

The money comes from private or institutional lenders who are called “peers”. They get interest rates on their savings of say 5%, the lender then lends to your company at 7%. The difference is for fees, costs and insurance of the debts.

The minimum qualification tends to be at least 12 months trading and at least one year’s filed accounts.

CFO has access to all of the online and offline growth funders in the UK. We also have access to private investors and lenders, people who wish to help companies grow. Their details are simply not available on the internet.

Unfortunately, we cannot serve their (private) details on the internet – please call and describe your growth funding requirements to our team. A manual search will then be made if we believe we can help.

Get the growth funding your great business needs by using the search form below or call our team.

Advantages of Growth Finance

Most growth funders, especially peer to peer lenders do not want to take equity in your company. The loans or financial products are interest bearing and when repaid there will be no dilution of your shares.

Most providers (except big banks) are quick to respond with outline offers IF they believe your business is a viable lending proposition.