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Just Cashflow help Optima Defence and Security Group Limited

The Revolving Cash Fund from Just Cashflow

Optima Defence and Security Group enhances human security mitigating explosive threats in conflict-affected locations globally. Their client list includes international organisations, national governments, non-governmental organisations and private companies. They use their expertise and experience to help those trying to protect their communities and organisations from the growing range of explosive threats.

The organisation provides searches, technical surveys, clearance, mentoring and quality assurance, ensuring that deployed people, organisations and civilians in ‘at risk’ areas have the necessary knowledge and capabilities to remain safe. They clear and make locations safe from improvised explosive devices and explosive hazards.
The organisation also provides threat awareness training and also train search personnel, first responders, IED Disposal (IEDD), Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and forensic exploitation teams to find, clear, manage, control and where appropriate, exploit IED incidents. They help agencies and organisations to interact, operate effectively and coherently in often complex and chaotic situations.

The Business Opportunity

Stephen Bishop, Finance Director explained to us that he had initially approached Just Cashflow in 2015 to facilitate a short term funding stream to expand and develop his business in order to facilitate a MOD contract.
Following this initial use of the Just Cashflow Revolving Cash Fund, Stephen received a call from Jamie of the Just Cashflow Business Growth Team. The Business Growth Team communicates with customers on a regular basis in order to ensure they are happy with the services they are receiving, together with discussing business growth plans.

Jamie initially spoke with Stephen in August 2016 and an extension of the initial term was agreed. Following these communications a relationship was established and Steve later contacted Jamie regarding a potential business opportunity to purchase a business that would enhance the offering and grow the services that the Optima Defence and Security Group offered.

The opportunity had arisen for the Optima Defence and Security Group to acquire an organisation established in 1990 with its origins within the Military Clearance Diving as well as bomb and mine disposal disciplines. They had developed an all-embracing, rapid response diving and munitions location and disposal service. On land and underwater the organisation served governments, industry and civil authorities worldwide. Realising that environmental management is widely recognised as possibly the most important new challenge facing industry and commerce, as well as non-commercial organisations, clearing the land and seas of the unexploded relics of war fits so well within the Optima Defence and Security Group. The organisation had located and rendered safe, over 900 unexploded bombs on United Kingdom sites. This made the acquisition a very exciting proposition for the Optima Defence and Security Group. The organsiation was profitable and has a strong potential order book of repeat business because of its reputation. All that was required was the funding required for the purchase.

The Just Cashflow Solution

Optima Defence and Security Group had the previous experience of using the Revolving Cash Fund and together with their excellent credit record with Just Cashflow the process of funding the acquisition was to be swift and pain free. Jamie worked closely with Stephen, providing guidance to ensure the process and procedural format went smoothly throughout each stage of the process through to completion. Also determining the appropriate type of facility for this purpose, in this case, our Pay Down Facility.

Working with Just Cashflow

When asked about working with Just Cashflow Stephen commented that he found working with the team very easy. At every juncture the individuals were proactive, ensuring the process moved seamlessly and swiftly. Stephen added that where there were complications with HSBC, John from Just Cashflow was also proactive making suggestions to assist the process.

Stephen explained that the team was always prompt in responses to questions and supportive throughout the whole process.

Would the Optima Defence and Security Group use the Just Cashflow again?

When asked if he would use Just Cashflow again, Stephen said yes without a doubt. Due to the nature of his business they required access to funds quickly. Just Cashflow facilitate this business requirement and it was far easier and quicker to use JCF than high street banks.

If you want to see more about what Just Cashflow can offer then visit their funding page